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Partnership Overview

Message from Diana

As you know, educating your members and community is core to the credit union mission of helping improve people’s lives. I am excited to announce that the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues have partnered with EverFi, a leading education technology company, to provide an innovative, technology-based member financial education platform to our member institutions that will help bring scale and measurable impact to our collective financial education efforts.

Over the last eight years, EverFi has partnered with the CEO’s and marketing executives of the nation’s leading credit unions to provide financial education to more than 12 million learners nationwide. In addition to its innovative, interactive technology, EverFi will provide a dedicated contact to each League member to help support the strategy, launch, and implementation to meet your financial education goals. As a valued member of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, we are thrilled to offer this opportunity to help strengthen your member relationships and promote our core value to put members first.

Best regards,
Diana Dykstra

President and CEO

Program Offering

By participating in this financial education initiative, you will gain access to:

Two Customizable Websites
Cutting-edge learning technology, private-branded to your credit union to reach key audiences, such as members, employees, select employer groups, and community organizations on important issues, including creditworthiness, savings, and topics relevant to millennials.

Dedicated Support
EverFi account management, marketing, and product development to serve as an extension of your team and support program strategy, launch, and year-round implementation.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns
Marketing resources, communications templates, and best practices to reach specific audiences and drive engagement.

Measurable Results
On-demand user data that reveals consumer preferences and behaviors to help reach current and prospective members.

Customized Learning Packages

Choose two of the three learning packages created exclusively for the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues:


Building Emergency Savings
Retirement 101


Credit Cards
Credit Scores & Reports
Identity Protection


What is a Credit Union?
Building Emergency Savings
Checking Accounts
Credit Cards
Identity Protection

Best Practices & Resources

Review the Filene Report – Assuring Member Financial Capability:
A Shared Credit Union Approach

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Get Started

Test drive the EverFi Financial Wellness Center

In the coming weeks, the EverFi team will contact you to show you how the education platform can support your goals to enhance your existing member relationships, complement your education programs for business partners, help you acquire new members, and expand your overall digital engagement strategy. Ready to launch your financial education program today?

Please contact:
Evan Willingham, EverFi Vice President Business Development
(919) 971-3415